About Us

Transforming the web one business at a time

Who we are

We help you future proof your business

By building tools on the blockchain, you can future proof your data. 

Experienced for over a decade

Our Team has been involved in the blockchain space since the early Bitcoin days.

Our Culture

We design for today, and build for tomorrow

Blockchain is built to be trust-less; we build based on trust. 


Blockchain should be accessible to everyone


Build trustless mechanisms, so more time is spent building relations


One block at a time

Building the On-Chain Tools that you need.

NFT’s, Tokens, chains.  We can help you build the tools that you need!


Bridging Gaps

The blockchain space is maturing, moving beyond electronic currencies to networks and data management.  

Bitcoin evolved from Satoshi Nakomoto’s desire to have a public ledger finite money reserve, functioning as a world currency, uncontrolled from governments.

The concept of Blockchain predates Bitcoin; it is firmly rooted in cryptography and data management.  A way to understand how this work, is to think of the Fibonacci sequence: whereas, a group of computers calculate the next number, and each new number holds value, or instructions. You cannot change that information without changing it on every computer. 

We come in, as early pioneers in the cryptocurrency space. We quickly realized that there was more to it, then cryptocurrency and memes. We have been involved with various projects throughout the years, building, learning and growing our network of contacts. Today, we are proud to say that we can help you find, design and build the tools that you need!


Tomorrow work begins, when the needs of today aren't met.

Business Branding

With our inhouse Marketing experience, we can help you develop your brand.

Graphic Designing

We can connect your ideas to the designers that you need.

Web Development

Building for Web3.0, we can help!

Digital Marketing

Cryptocurrency communities are one of the least tapped digital communities. We know where to find them!

Discover the power of ₿lockchain

Blockchain aren’t just for cryptocurrencies. It’s technology goes where SQL databases cant.