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Web3.0, blockchain, crypto. We can help you navigate the next generation technology.

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Build the On-Chain tools that you need!

NFT’s, Tokens, chains.  We can help you find/build the tools that you need!

Future Proof

Blockchain can safeguard your data against attacks

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Build the tools that your business needs


We help you navigate the crypto space to find the chain that is right for you


We can provide you with technology seminars, explaining blockchain

Discover the power of ₿lockchain

Blockchain aren’t just for cryptocurrencies. It’s technology powers tools that go beyond mere databases.

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Smart Contracts for smart companies

Smart contracts are the evolution of IFTT, but on-chain, making immutable responses to actions.

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Our team has reputable experience with work with large companies, from banks to telecom.


Where our expertise ends, our network begins. We have solid relations with various projects in blockchain projects around the world.


We pride ourselves in our discretion and our user privacy.


With more than a decade working within the blockchain industry.

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Our expert staff can help you find the solutions to your questions. 

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What kind of services do you generally provide?

BlockSocial UG is the owner of various blockchain related projects, and has connections in the industry from across the globe. If we do not know something, we definitely know someone that does. 

Ever wondered why they say blockchain is immutable? or what a hash is? 

Well this is what we do, we explain what blockchain is, so everyone can get it.

For example, a blockchain is like a block tower, where information is stored in a tiny line on each block. 
But this tower is repeated and each block is identical across multiple towers.

now imagine those towers are computers, and each line is a hash, 

and now you understand a little bit what blockchain is. 

Contact us for the full explainer!

Blockchain offers tools that SQL databases cannot compete with. 

For individuals, the main use is currently cryptocurrencies, and NFT's.

But for groups of individuals, firms, governments, blockchain usages can vary greatly. 

Well, blockchains are varied public blockchains are very different from each other, but depending on the needs of our customers, we can work with existing public blockchains, make a new one by forking existing chains, or building one from scratch!

Each chain from bitcoin onwards offers different usage, and this is why its important to know, where you want to go with this chain, what you need to do, etc. 

Cyrptocurrencies and NFT's are an interesting market. We definitely can help you with regards to these projects, but we regard them as something like a field study of what can be done.   Most of us come from the cryptocurrency domain, and have extensive contacts within this industry. 

When it comes to NFT's we believe the technology will be better suited for contracts, patents and documentation rather then images.  Non Fungible tokens, are never the less the future of storing documentation. 

Well, it starts with an idea, and that's why we are here, to discuss the idea, and see how we can move it forward. 

For many, the IT solutions do not require blockchain, but if you want to track immutably inventory, or sell unique products, or want to store confidential data, blockchain offers benefits over SQL databases. 

Contact us, and we can find the right solution for you. 

Payments Questions

I.T work is usually expensive, but we strive to offer dynamic pricing to ensure help for everyone

Before we even charge you, we offer a free 30 minutes consultation so you know what to expect, and how we will proceed. 

Well, you won't find many blockchain developers under 150$ USD an hour.

Depending on the work that you need, we start at 50€. 

Again, before we go in pricing, we always want to discuss your needs, and offer you 30 minute free consultation. 
From there, we can establish a base cost. 

Like many projects we like to say payment on delivery.

Depending on what you hire us to do, some services will be paid up-front.
Telephone appointments, seminars & courses.

For longer projects, such as building a smart contract, a chain, a dapp, etc. 
We offer a payment schedule.

We offer various means of payments, from credit cards, to bank transfers, paypal and of course cryptocurrencies. 

If you have a truly unique idea, and we can convince our staff to forgo pay in exchange of equity, we can discuss this. 

Before we even ask to see money, we offer a contract which stipulates what we will do. Once that is done, we will do our best to honour our word, 
Blockchain is built to be trust-less, but we build on trust. 

Cryptocurrency support

Don't Hesitate to Ask.

Have you lost access to your crypto, or need help recovering a wallet? Do you want to build a mining rig? well we can also help you!